Passable Media is a multimedia project and network created by Adam Lane and others. Passable Media focuses mainly on film and TV, while Passable Gamers is geared towards… well, games. Both projects can be found in multiple places, listed below. For enquiries, please email mail@passablemedia.com.

Youtube: Film and TV reviews, analysis, discussion and conjecture. Plus, re-uploads of the Passable Gamers content from Twitch.

Twitter: Notifications on new content from both Passable Media and Passable Gamers, plus running a complementary running commentary for good measure.

Soundcloud: Intended to be where future audio podcasts will be uploaded, but for now it contains audio-only versions of some of our more podcast-y videos.

Facebook: Basically just a carbon copy of Twitter, and always kind of an afterthought. Don’t let this stop you liking the page, just know that if you use Twitter, it’s the better option!

Instagram: Like Pinterest below, we don’t really “get” Instagram. It’s just not how we normally communicate. Still, we have one!

Pinterest: Essentially pinboards containing all of the Passable Media and Passable Gamers’ Youtube channel content. We don’t really “get” Pinterest. But we’re told it’s great for clickthroughs.

Reddit: A subreddit dedicated to Passable Media!

Twitch: Livestreams, both random ones and the full unedited full plays; these are all eventually uploaded to Youtube.

StreamLabs: One donation route until such time as we set up a Patreon or similar.

Player.Me: Our other donation route for the time being.

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