We don’t have a particularly high-end setup, but the kit we do use is below complete with Amazon Associates links:

  • Blue Yeti USB Microphone (Space Grey): One of the best microphones on the market; no contest.
  • Mic Cover Foam for Blue Yeti: Nothing sexy about this one, just a required accessory to get the best out of the Blue Yeti.
  • August VGB500 HDMI Capture Card: Given that this is one of the cheapest capture cards available to buy, it’s also the one we’ve had the best experience with. It works over USB3 and allowed us to finally move away from using the Xbox streaming app to create videos, and also open up the Switch as an option.
  • Logitech C270 HD Webcam: We don’t use this much anymore, but it’s a solid entry level webcam for showing off your ugly mug when streaming. Quality is decent, but not spectacular.
  • Bluedio T2 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones: For those times when you simply must have game audio while streaming, but can’t cope with the idea of filtering out the echo from your mic input. Besides that, they’re a very nice choice for a pair of general purpose full size headphones.
  • Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse: Love them or hate them, Adam simply wouldn’t be able to get anything done without his precious trackball mouse.
  • Xbox One 500GB Console: Our main box used for game streaming. The poor old dear is only the original release console rather than the S or X, and besides some fleeting thoughts towards improved Elite Dangerous visuals and Ark: Survival Evolved performance, we have no plans to upgrade.
  • Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Neon Blue): Nintendo’s true successor to the Wii and DS, and we couldn’t be happier to finally be able to stream with this one thanks to the August capture card.
  • WD My Passport 2TB Portable Hard Drive: We actually own four of these; two for the Xbox One, one for the Xbox 360, and one specifically for Passable Media content and backups. The My Passport series have been our brand of choice for some years now, and we have no intention of changing this in the near future.