Passable Media

  • MCU Hero Kill Counts (Video): Exactly what it says on the tin; a logging of all the times a Marvel hero has killed another sentient being across all of the films.
  • Trailer Breakdown (Text): A rundown of what to expect from upcoming films and TV shows.
  • A Review (Text): Pretty self explanatory, these are just long form text based film/TV reviews of (at the time) new releases.
  • Quickie Review (Video/Audio): Short form reviews intended to be the “A Review” series, but bite sized. No essays, just the finer points.
  • Weekly Arrowverse Roundup (Video/Audio): Each week Adam takes a few shots across the bow of the CW’s premiere DC shows.
  • MCU Retrospective (Text): Re-reviews of the entire MCU following a full rewatch. Except though the rewatch happened, only the first two movies ever got retrospectives written.

Passable Gamers