The Slow Return to Long-Form Content

Hey everyone, Adam from Passable Media! I say that so often that it’s several times almost been how I say hello to people. It’s fair to say that the choice to transition the Arrowverse Roundup back to long-form videos rather than Youtube Shorts has not been an easy one! Whereas with the Shorts I get to pop a title card, the episode title and the usual Passable Media bits and bobs into After Effects along with a quick, snappy, one minute ramble, with the longer videos I’m actually pulling somewhat relevant clips from the show so that there’s something visual going on on-screen at the same time. It should be so straightforward, but I’m a little out of practice so Supergirl 6×13 took a while longer to do than I’d expect, and it’s kind of left me on the back foot for the weekend.

Stargirl, likewise, is only written so far. Not recorded, not clipped, not edited. I’ll get that done and out tomorrow and then hopefully when Wednesday rolls around I’ll have the workflow sorted out to get them both out the same day (or at the very least one on Wednesday and one on Thursday). Honestly I’d like to also do longer videos for the other shows like Titans, Lower Decks, What If, etc., but there’s just no time to get it all done. I started the channel with the Arrowverse stuff, so it makes sense to transition that over first and sort of find my feet in the meantime. Maybe by the time Hawkeye drops, I’ll have it all put together, but it seems like swapping over for Lower Decks and Titans this far into their seasons and What If on its last week would be an odd choice to be sure.

With that in mind, plans for the next few weeks! I’ve got a few videos in the backlog that are starting to stink up the place in much the same way as that DC Podcast did. Most notably are: Pokemon Fire Red Nuzlocke Part 3, Quickie Review: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Quickie Review: The Suicide Squad (I realised I did one for Wonder Woman 1984 so it’s only fair), Quickie Review: Loki Season 1, Quickie Review: Star Wars Visions, and MCU Hero Kill Counts Iron Man 3. I’ve also been thinking of doing a Quickie Review for The Bad Batch Season 1 since I’m doing Visions, plus I really want to do a longer form CBR is the Worst (because CBR are the worst), and videos for Nando V Movies’ One X-Cellent Scene and One Villainous Scene series. On top of that Shang Chi comes out on Disney Plus soon and will be wanting a Quickie Review, and with Supergirl wrapping up its final season in one month’s time I’d like to do a series retrospective and also one for both Arrow and Black Lightning. You can’t say I don’t have plans! It’s just the implementation of those plans that needs some work.

The Youtube Shorts platform is really good for quick, snappy videos that appeal to a wide audience, but unfortunately those aren’t really the kind of content that I put out. That’s not to say Shorts don’t do well compared to my other videos or that there’s no place whatsoever for them on the channel, or to say that the subjects we cover are so niche as to not pick up passive views, but they’re not the primary content I want to be making. And while I’ll continue to put them out if I have nothing else to run with, I’d prefer to fill that timeslot with a post (like this!) or a longer form video where possible. So we’re not stopping doing Shorts, but we’re going to try and wean them from the channel where we can.

Oh and Jade and I are currently in the process of moving house, so there’s that.