Finishing the Rebrand (And an Update)

Hey everybody, Adam here. Waaaaaay back in 2019 we killed off the separate Passable Gamers Youtube channel and folded uploads into Passable Media only. This was mainly because managing two Youtube channels at our size was an astounding amount of work, and all it did was split our already tiny audience. We kept the Passable Gamers’ branding on gaming-adjacent uploads though (at least, when I remembered to!). As of next week, we’re not going to be doing that anymore. Passable Gamers, for the foreseeable future at least, is solely going to be the Twitch channel, and nothing else. If we ever edit things for upload onto Youtube (Like with the Nuzlocke series), we’ll swap out the Passable Gamers branding for that of Passable Media to keep a consistent look throughout. In our minds, it’s more like we’re treating Passable Gamers like a show, and Passable Media as the actual channel.

To keep step with this, over the next few days we’ll be rolling out a new video intro and outro that will, with the possible exception of Twitch edits (which may get their own special intro), be unified across both long-form and short content.

Also, I’ve basically almost guaranteed that I’ll be burning myself out in short order, because I’m now uploading a Short every single day, while still uploading a long-form video once a week. Whether this is permanent or we go back to a long video on a Monday and shorts Tuesday-Friday will depend on how long I can keep this energy I’ve found all of a sudden! At least one of the shorts I make each week is an Arrowverse Roundup, but it’s quickly becoming clear that I can’t say everything I want to for 3-5 shows in one minute, so where appropriate I’ll be creating a single combined long video and splitting it into shorts as needed. This (probably) won’t count as my long-form video for the week.

That’s about it for now. More news soon, maybe?