Where’s The Long-Form Content?

Hey everyone, Adam from Passable Media, and today I’m going to vaguely allude to more content being on the horizon…

I’ve not exactly been quiet about the fact that while I enjoy making Youtube Shorts (60-second content) and that they’re good for building an audience, they’re not the bread and butter of Passable Media. Quite the contrary, there was a time when my aim was to have a long-form video out once a week. And, I’ve at least to a degree managed to cheese that most weeks by releasing a combined version of the Arrowverse Roundup: Quick Takes series, but first of all we all know that’s cheating, and second the core seasons are almost finished for the next few months so I’m about to lose that crutch.

In terms of what I’ve got in the pipeline, I’ve had Quickie Review: Black Widow written since Friday evening, but actually recording it has been hell on Earth. Every time I sit down to record, let’s say environmental factors (the horrors of living in a block of flats) get in the way. With luck that’ll be out tomorrow evening, if the stars allign. Beyond that there’s a bunch of other things that are recorded but not finished editing: New Trek: Not My Star Trek, a video spawned out of the increase in audience from the Picard trailer upload telling me both that people watching my content want more Star Trek stuff, and that about a third of you don’t like “New” Trek. The General DC Podcast I recorded with Chris waaaaaay back in March is somehow still being pieced together on the cutting room floor, with me seemingly intent on it being completely irrelevant by the time it’s released. Pokemon Fire Red Nuzlocke Episode 3 is likewise all sat there on my hard drive waiting to be trimmed down from two and a half hours to something vaguely more manageable. And in terms of things not yet recorded, Quickie Review: Loki Season One will be out pretty soon after tomorrow’s episode drops (hopefully), not to mention that Quickie Review: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a thing I somehow still haven’t gotten around to even writing up despite how much I want to gush about how much I think Karli is one of the most underrated “villains” in the MCU. I also haven’t even started on MCU Hero KIll Counts: Iron Man 3, but the original plan was to have that out before Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was released, so the clock’s ticking on that. Given the time since release, and the fact that although I really enjoyed it, it only actually held my attention for about 15 hours, I’ve decided I genuinely cannot be bothered doing a Quickie Review: Pokemon New Snap or even a written Is It Good? – Pokemon New Snap. I suppose my review there boils down to “I enjoyed it a lot, and it tickled my nostalgia bone, but buy it in a sale because it’s not very long at all and doesn’t have much in the way of staying power”.

For longer term projects, me and Dave started recording a The Last Airbender First Watch / Rewatch last year but it fell off of both of our radars due to difficulties in lining up free time, but I’d very much like to revisit the concept as it definitely had legs. I’d also very much like to do longer and more edurdite versions of CBR is the Worst and also loop that into some kind of fictional character powerscaling series, but both of these are likely a way off given how much I’ve inadvertantly put on my own plate.

The point is, there’s stuff coming, and I’m going to get back on with making longer content because despite the fact that recording and editing can both sometimes be a royal pain in the bum, I really enjoy having that finished product and want to get back to feeling that way about my work. Thank you all for sticking with me while things have been a bit thin on the ground, and I hope you’ll stay with me in the weeks, months, and hopefully years ahead!