An Update on the Lack of Updates

Hey everybody, Adam from Passable Media here! My initial plan to upload/write for Passable Media everyday this year didn’t go so well, did it? We’re starting month four of the year, and I’ve only uploaded once and written once. Well, I hate to say it, but that’s probably not going to change a whole lot in the next few weeks.

I’ve waited myself into a bit of a slump, left myself with a backlog of various videos that I don’t have the passion for at the moment (like multiple half-seasons of Arrowverse shows and three MCU movies, to name but a few). And so, I’m going to keep waiting it out, see when inspiration strikes, and just kind of roll with it. I will at some point return to something resembling Quickie Reviews and the Arrowverse Roundup, but right now that’s not where my head’s at. Expect content fairly soon, but I make no promises that it’ll follow any of the formats we’ve followed in the past. Or maybe it will. We’ll see!