What’s the Deal with #Shorts?

So this is a bit more of a YouTube backend sort of post that most people aren’t going to care about all that much. The Spiffing Brit released a video on Friday about “breaking” the YouTube algorithm, and considering his last video on the topic really really did break YouTube, it made sense to give it a watch.

The upshot is that #Shorts (videos in portrait, under a minute and with the hashtag #Shorts in the description) uploaded to YouTube have a massive push towards them as a result of trying to compete with the likes of TikTok, although it’s noted that this works best if your entire channel is devoted to them. We’re not going to be splitting the channel, for one simple reason though: That’s not the kind of content I want to release all of the time, because I prefer long form videos as both a creator and a viewer, but there are definitely niches within the bounds of what Passable Media covers for the #Short.

So we’re going to be trialling the system over the next few days as the basis for a redux of the MCU Retrospective series from waaaaay back at the beginning of the channel. One distinction between the #Shorts and the rest of Passable Media’s videos is that I’m not going to be giving each one a unique post on here because of the sheer mess that will cause. I might even unlist the videos and pop them into a playlist after a certain window has passed so it doesn’t dominate the channel, but I guess we’ll see how that looks when we get there!

That’s all folks!